New Video - J.S. Bach - Interstellar Traveler

Charles Neuzil Music - The Inner Dimensions of Sound, just uploaded a new video, "J.S. Bach - Interstellar Traveler," to the Charles Neuzil Music YouTube Channel. 

The inspiration for this work is J.S. Bach’s Prelude to the Second Cello Suite in D minor.  For years I have played the Cello Suites on my trombone, and I began to wonder what Bach would think about my using them as a basis for pieces using synthesizers.  Here is my interpretation, at least of this particular piece. 

The key remains the same, D minor, which happens to be one of my favorite keys.  I did, however, rewrite what you hear in this video from 3/4 to 4/4 time, for various reasons.  The Behringer TD-3 carries the main theme throughout.  The TD-3 has been challenging, but fun, to learn to program.  It has proved to be a fun instrument.  The Korg Monologue is then introduced, as well as the Arturia Drumbrute Impact.  Finally, I bring in a complementary pattern in D minor on the Korg Volca Bass. 

Quite honestly, I think it gets a little too busy when the Volca Bass is brought into the mix, but I am pretty happy with the first and last portions.  But, it works. 

The Arturia Drumbrute Impact serves as the clock in the video for the TD-3, the Monologue, and the Volca Bass. 

In this video I use my new Title page, which is a cool photo by  stein egil liland via Pexels.

Here is the link to the YouTube video:

Hope you enjoy the new video!


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