"gregor s" - Acid Techno, By DJ DrN

“gregor s” - Acid Techno, by DJ DrN 

View video here:  https://youtu.be/9u3QtskRiBE

This stemmed from a “use your voice” challenge from the Super Social Synth Society.  I use my voice to narrate the first paragraph of Franz Kafka’s famous short story “The Metamorphosis.”  I have always had an interest in Franz Kafka and his various writings.  I used the Schocken translation, which tends to be my favorite.   

You will hear the first line of the story at the beginning of the piece, and it then picks up again with the rest of the first paragraph at the finish.  The Arturia Drumbrute Impact handles most of the percussion, including the kick.  The Behringer TD-3 provides the acid bass line.  I also use some samples, as well as claps from the Ujam Groovemate One, a very cool vst.   

In this video I explore my recent interest in combining the visual and the auditory.  The video here is Royalty Free Stock Video courtesy of SUNARI VFX. 

Thank you so much for watching this video and for all of your support.  I sincerely hope you enjoy this music as much as I enjoyed creating it. Like and Subscribe for future content. 

Recorded May 27, 2021, as an entry in the May “Use Your Voice” Challenge for the Super Social Synth Society.   

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“DJ DrN” is an alias I use for this type of music.  The alias found its genesis from one of my students at Northern Arizona University. 

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