Electric Bach - Bourree in G minor

The lastest offering from The Art of Jazz, The Inner Dimensions of Sound, is this interpretation of J.S. Bach's Suite in E minor for Lute, specifically, the Bourree.  However, I transposed it to G minor for a number of reasons, including an easier time with programming the Behringer TD-3 acid bass line synthesizer.  Coincidentally I have played this particular piece in tenor clef over the years on my trombone.   

This piece has an interesting history, as the Bourree is part of a Suite.  In addition, it is suspected that the piece was originally written for an instrument called a “Lauten Werck,” or Lute-Harpsichord, only there were not many of those around so the suspicion is that the piece began being played on the Lute, and today oftentimes on the Guitar.  

The original key is in E minor, but I have re-written as noted above in G minor.  I used some music written for Harpsichord with which to refer, and focused on the first two bars.  The Behringer TD-3 carries the main theme throughout.  The Korg Monologue covers the bass line under the TD-3, and the Arturia Drumbrute Impact takes care of the percussion section.  The “space” in the middle is covered by the Rucci Electronics Minimal Drone, a cool little synth.  Both the TD-3 and the Drumbrute Impact have turned out to be a lot of fun to work with, and if you watch closely, you will see me playing different aspects of each.   

I try to begin and end with a lot of “space,” bringing that space back in towards the middle in a transition.  Adding space and silence in my improvised trombone solos of late was the inspiration for that.  

The Arturia Drumbrute Impact serves as the clock for the TD-3, and the Monologue.  I just connected them all by way of a Midi splitter. 

This is the first video where I recorded the video and audio separately and then mixed them together, so I hope the quality of both has increased for you.  I still use the i-Phone to record the video, but record the audio through my Yamaha mixer and Scarlett audio interface.  I promised better audio, so I hope this delivers the same.  

Check out the video with this link:  https://youtu.be/VPPdAFfRbJ0

Recorded September 19, 2020. 

See the Wikipedia article at:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bourr%C3%A9e_in_E_minor 

Photo Credit:  Photo by stein egil liland from Pexels  

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