New Video on YouTube - The Sounds of Apollo

I have uploaded a new video on YouTube, "The Sounds of Apollo," representing my further explorations into the nature of sound.  

The official release date of the video is on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, but you are free to view the video now on the Charles Neuzil Music YouTube Channel.  You may view the video at the link below.

The idea for this project began when I ran across audio transmissions from the Apollo 10 mission.  This was the "dry run" mission for landing on the Moon, which was accomplished by Apollo 11.  Apollo 10 did everything but land the lunar module on the surface of the Moon. 

The piece begins with the audio transmissions, and a drone is introduced, followed by a percussion sequence.  Thereafter an acid bass line is begun, and I then do some work on my Korg Monologue, which is an analog monophonic synthesizer.  I do some sequencing on the Monologue as well as some improvisation. 

I won't spoil the finish. Enjoy!!!

YouTube video link:

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