New Video Upload - The Sounds of Space

I have a new video uploaded to the Charles Neuzil Music YouTube channel.  "The Sounds of Space - The Inner Dimensions of Sound" was uploaded on April 12, 2020, and represents the second video in my explorations into the nature of sound. 

I found an audio clip of transmissions from Apollo 11 as the spacecraft orbited the Moon, prior to the Lunar Module touching down on the surface.  I start with the transmission, and then add a drone from a synth made by Rucci Electronics out of Oakland, California, followed by a kick and closed hat (or was it open??) on the Arturia Drumbrute Imact.  I then bring in an acid bass line from the Behringer TD-3, and work a bit on my Korg Monologue.  

Find the new Charles Neuzil Music YouTube Channel here:

Working on another piece now that centers around audio clips from Apollo 10.


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