Update: The Art of Jazz and the Pandemic

          I sincerely hope everyone is doing well.  As we all know, life has changed dramatically over the past few weeks.  At times changing on a daily basis.  This is an update on the music scene for me and the Art of Jazz as we endure the current situation.

          All venues for music are now closed.  The Black Mountain Bistro, owned by folks of the highest concern for others, out of good conscience, closed their dining room early on and went to curbside service, which was quickly curtailed as well.  The Rock in the Pock Art show was cancelled as well, and no in person live performances are on the horizon. 

          Fortunately, I still have my day job, although I now work from home.  That being said, the music continues, and I am currently planning some live streams on Facebook to take the place of my Wednesday evening performances at the Bistro, at least until the restaurant re-opens.  I have also started up a new YouTube channel, "Charles Neuzil Music," and will be posting weekly videos.  The first video is up with some of my dives into electronics and the "Inner Dimensions of Sound."

          Work continues on the horn, and I am hard at work diligently mastering the Prelude to Bach's Second Cello Suite.  Quite the challenge, particularly on my horns without f-attachments.  In addition, new tunes are being added to the Art of Jazz repertoire, including Coltrane's Naima, Alone Together, and All the Things you Are.  I am also spending more time on the Euphonium, and spending more time with my synthesizers, which I am enjoying, composing and improvising electronic music.  And finally, I continue to give music lessons, only now over Zoom instead of in person.

          Catch more of me on Facebook and Instagram.  And stay tuned for more news and blogs in the near future.  And most of all, thank you for your continued support.


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